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Nun Habits and Cheer Up, Charlie both Official Selections at NYC Web Fest!

We are so excited to announce that both Nun Habits and Cheer Up, Charlie are Official Selections at the 2019 NYC Web Fest! And Nun Habits is nominated for three awards at the festival!

Join us at Stonestreet Studios on October 6th at 2:10PM to enjoy the Pilot Episode of Cheer Up, Charlie and Episode 3 of Nun Habits on the big screen in the same screening Block!

Tickets are $15 and it's a small venue, so grab your tickets here for the Friends Till the End screening block as soon as you can!

Make sure you catch our screening at Ocktober Film Festival of Episodes 1 & 2 of Nun Habits the day before (10/5) at 2PM!

In addition to being an Official Selection at NYC Web Fest, Nun Habits is also nominated for 3 of the 23 awards up for grabs:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Music, Derek Jordan

  • Best Dramedy

  • Best Actress, Samantha Proctor

The festival runs over four days starting on October 3rd with the Opening Night Party and ending on October 6th with the Awards Gala at 7:30PM. Cheer Up, Charlie and Nun Habits are only screening on October 6th at 2:10PM so grab your tickets while they last!

With NYC home to so many of us, we're excited to be sharing both of these impactful stories with the world at a production studio in the heart of Manhattan. We can't wait to see you there!


<- Check out the Nun Habits Trailer before the screening!

Check out the Cheer Up, Charlie Teaser before the screening! ->

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