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The Nun Habits Crowdfunding Campaign is live!

Nun Habits has launched it's crowdfunding campaign and I'd love your support! Through our resources, we hope to raise $15,000 to produce Nun Habits from start to finish. That money will go to:

  • Feeding and transporting our cast & crew for all seven days of filming

  • Paying our crew for their time and resources

  • Renting equipment from our crew members who have equipment (sound, camera, etc.)

  • Housing cast & crew - we are filming for a few days in New Jersey and it's easier to have cast and crew stay overnight instead of traveling back and forth to and from NYC

  • Paying for any props and set pieces we might need to purchase

We've got some pretty cool incentives available and some footage up on the crowdfunding site with our crowdfunding video! Check out the campaign & crowdfunding video here.

If you can't contribute, give our project a follow and it will still help us tremendously!

Behind the Scenes with Samantha Proctor when we filmed the first 10 minutes of Nun Habits in January
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